Winter is here …



Christmas in July …

Pope Joan

Winter is well and truly here and what better way to soak up the cold than to enjoy a little bit of Christmas in July. One of our local eats, Pope Joan, has been embracing the comforts of the season with themed menus every month to get us through winter. So with that in mind dear husband and I decided to indulge in their July offerings.

While I had every intention of indulging in the Christmas themed three course menu, once I was faced with the sheer volume of food on offer it proved to be a bit much for me to enjoy as a weeknight meal.Β  It was perhaps best reserved as a weekend indulgence instead, so dear husband and I have vowed to return and experience it before the month is out.

But in the meantime the meals we decided on did not disappoint. Dear husband enjoyed a lamb shoulder dish that was served with a tasty cauliflower gratin and some crispy kale. I on the other hand indulged in Pope Joan’s signature Chicken Kiev and winter slaw dish and we both picked at some sides of heirloom carrots and thickly cut chips. Yum comes to mind, as does pure bliss when describing it. It really embodied the ultimate in comfort food … it was like the perfect, most comforting hug one could get and I enjoyed every bite. And with the rain pouring steadily outside as we ate, it just added to the atmosphere of a cozy evening indeed.

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Winter solstice at the Collingwood farm

It’s amazing how quickly a year goes by. It only felt like yesterday that dear husband and I were revelling in the wintery festivities at the Collingwood Children’s farm for their annual bonfire night and here we are celebrating again.

What I love about this event is it’s community spirit, it’s so welcoming. And with local food and drink offerings on hand it’s the perfect inducement to spend an evening out in the chilly outdoors leading up to the main event, the all important bonfire. It definitely warms one in the wintery cold, so with that I say here’s to the winter solstice and the bonfire that burns so furiously. Cheers!




Sugar, spice and all things nice

I enjoy cooking. There is something about winter that makes me crave being in the kitchen whipping up cakes, preserves, hearty soups, roasts and other yummy comfort foods that just add to the wonder of the season. So to get me inspired I paid a visit to a couple of my favourite haunts in town … Gewurzhaus for a little bit of spice, and Koko Black for that all important sugar to get me through the chilly days ahead. And here are the spoils of my outing … now where to begin? I think the chocolate, while I ponder my next move …

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