It’s been great to finally meet you … H&M

Twenty or so days after the fact, I finally made it to Melbourne’s newest international retailer that’s descended on the city…Swedish juggernaut H&M. After a mere fifteen minute wait, what struck me as I walked into the GPO was the layout. Light and spacious, every little inch of its three levels had been maximised to the best of its ability. No space was left unused and at every turn I  seemed to stumble across something new. It was great.

And the stock, just as I expected, very appealing and in great abundance. However my mission on this particular trip was not for clothes but homewares. I had spied on the website earlier some pretty quilts that I wanted to see in the flesh so I made a beeline to the third floor to examine the homeware department. Wow. With three rooms dedicated to bed, bath and kitchen I found what I was looking for.  I was immediately drawn to a very reasonably priced Chinoiserie inspired quilt cover which I was more than happy to purchase. Mission accomplished!

To add to this little bargain, I also picked up a lovely porcelain cup with the words ‘Enjoy the little things’ scribed on it. So cute and inspiring I decided that it would be the perfect vessel to display the ever changing floral bouquet I like to keep in my bathroom and to also serve as a daily reminder to indeed enjoy the little things. I couldn’t be more happier with my purchases and look forward to seeing what other goodies will present themselves on my next trip to this amazing store.

It's the little things ... my goodies from my trip to H&M
Enjoy the little things …  goodies from my trip to H&M