Down the garden path …

Melbourne certainly is buzzing and with this Indian summer slowly coming to an end and autumn beginning to make its mark (bye bye daylight savings) my latest outing revolved around the changing of the seasons and what better way to experience the transition than to see it through the eyes of nature. So, yesterday I headed down to the Carlton gardens for the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show to have a peek.

I have been attending the show for many years now, marvelling and being inspired to be a better gardener but this year it was a little different. Last year I completed a floristry course, hence my absence from posting, and this year my perspective of the show was completely different now that I was armed with the knowledge I gained through my course. I noticed elements of design that I would’ve normally been oblivious to, paying attention to the mechanics of how installations were constructed and I guess for the first time I really appreciated the show and all the hard work that is poured into it.

They say that pictures speak volumes so I guess I’ll let these snaps show you what a wonderful event this was and how inspired I am to continue making flowers and gardening apart of my everyday life. It truly is the best kind of relaxation therapy and a wonderful way to slow down and connect with the simpler elements in life, especially when modern living seems to revolve around being switched on 24/7. So with that, let me guide you down the garden path, as we stop to smell the roses at the Melbourne flower show.


Hail, Tomato!


I love tomatoes and have been growing them for years. It’s such a humble staple in my garden so the thought of a festival dedicated to this wonderful ingredient is always going to grab my attention and time. So without hesitation, dear husband and I trekked to Edendale Community Farm in Eltham today to help celebrate the Melbourne Tomato Festival’s second offering. 

Like last years inaugural event, there were many local producers on hand to share their knowledge and give us an opportunity to purchase some of the goodies they had on offer. Other noteworthy aspects of the festival included cooking demonstrations from the likes of celebrity chef’s Guy Grossi, Karen Martini, and Matt Wilkinson as well as passata and mozzarella making workshops for those interested in making their own.

As an avid gardener, I found the in conversation pieces highlighting the art of organic composting from the Diggers Club, and the informative session from Rooftop Honey on the importance of bees a particular bonus. But on a whole there really was just about something for everyone … and with the sun beaming and the endless amounts of yummy treats along the way it was a lovely way to spend a lazy Sunday in the Summer sun.  


Last days of autumn

Winter is almost upon us here in Melbourne and my attention of late has turned to pottering about the garden; whether it has been turning the soil to make way for a new crop of vegetables or giving the yard a good tidy up as everything prepares to go dormant for the season.

Usually the turning of the leaves is best indicator that Autumn has arrived but with all the mild weather we have been experiencing that transition has taken a little longer than expected. And this indicator for me has always been my maple tree.

It’s has only been in the last couple of weeks that I have noticed this dramatic change, the leaves going from the most vibrant green to the flame orange-red leaves I relish to see, and it has not disappointed. The only problem is that this vision only lasts for a very little while. So, in order to capture this moment I decided to snap as often as I could the tree transitioning right up until this past weekend when my dear husband and I spent a good portion of the day clearing the garden and collecting the leaves…and what a joy it was.

Here are some of my favourite pictures that capture my perspective because before we know it Winter will be upon us and all will be bare until Spring. But that’s OK, because with that season brings gatherings over a bonfire, drinking lots of cider and indulging in a good dose of comfort food that always warms my heart…not to mention it also marks the beginning of a new knitting project that will definitely keep this crafter busy as the mercury drops.

The Maple in all it's glory.
The Maple in all it’s glory.
Hudson playing amongst the leaves.
Hudson playing amongst the leaves.
Rich autumnal hues of the Maple.
Rich autumnal hues of the Maple.
Taking a break ... Hudson post-op in the yard helping out Dad!
Taking a break … Hudson post-op in the yard helping out Dad!
Falling leaves ... playtime for Hudson and Stuart.
Falling leaves … playtime for Hudson and Stuart.
Grow my pretties...purple carrots and parsnips in their infancy!
Grow my pretties…purple carrots and parsnips in their infancy!
All that remains...
All that remains…