Cabbages and roses …

IMG_1842After my excursion to the Flower Show I couldn’t help but indulge in purchasing some lovely blooms to play with at home, and here’s what I cobbled together to get into the spirit of autumn; which by the way has descended upon us here in Melbourne quite abruptly.

I am a total sucker for hellebores and roses and throwing some ornamental kale in the mix just seems to work a treat. I love the combination of cream and vivid green hues, and these beauties, when treated right, will adorn the mantle for a good couple of weeks  … a wise selection of blooms that make me smile each time I gaze at them, and proves once again it is the simple things in life that bring the most joy.


Down the garden path …

Melbourne certainly is buzzing and with this Indian summer slowly coming to an end and autumn beginning to make its mark (bye bye daylight savings) my latest outing revolved around the changing of the seasons and what better way to experience the transition than to see it through the eyes of nature. So, yesterday I headed down to the Carlton gardens for the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show to have a peek.

I have been attending the show for many years now, marvelling and being inspired to be a better gardener but this year it was a little different. Last year I completed a floristry course, hence my absence from posting, and this year my perspective of the show was completely different now that I was armed with the knowledge I gained through my course. I noticed elements of design that I would’ve normally been oblivious to, paying attention to the mechanics of how installations were constructed and I guess for the first time I really appreciated the show and all the hard work that is poured into it.

They say that pictures speak volumes so I guess I’ll let these snaps show you what a wonderful event this was and how inspired I am to continue making flowers and gardening apart of my everyday life. It truly is the best kind of relaxation therapy and a wonderful way to slow down and connect with the simpler elements in life, especially when modern living seems to revolve around being switched on 24/7. So with that, let me guide you down the garden path, as we stop to smell the roses at the Melbourne flower show.

A Valentine in bloom …

img_1511When it comes to flowers I love a bouquet that looks as though it has spilled out of the garden and into a vase. So this year, for Valentine’s day I decided head to the flower market and gather some goodies to create my own bouquet and here is the result. It’s a little whimsical and wild, and I adore the  blackberries coupled with the burgundy and vanilla hues of the garden roses … whose fragrance I must say is simply divine, I wish you could smell them!

And the best bit is that it didn’t cost the earth to make. A modest $50 for stunning botanicals, and an hour of my time to gather and create, which as an avid crafter is all of the fun,  I know that my dear husband would completely approve of this Valentine.

What are your creative plans for your Valentine?  I’d love to know.