Melbourne style on parade …

It is hard to believe that another year has come to pass with the VAMFF here in marvellous Melbourne, and no matter how prepared I am it nevertheless seems to creep up on me almost unexpectedly. But each year it also promises a new season of sartorial styles to contemplate as the weather cools and this year it did not disappoint.

My VAMFF adventure began with an Australian premiere screening of Christian Dior: The Refinement of a Lost Paradise (L’élégance du Paradis Perdu) at ACMI As a nod to the House of Dior’s seventieth anniversary, and knowing that the National Gallery of Victoria NGV will be hosting a premiere exhibition later this year to commemorate this milestone, the documentary was a lovely prelude focusing on Christian’s early upbringing in Granville. An insightful piece, it showcased how his family and childhood home influenced and forged his path as a designer. This documentary is must see viewing for any one that has an appreciation for the iconic design house that single-handedly revolutionised fashion through the New Look, and managed to endure successfully as a brand long after its founders sudden passing sixty years ago. It was a lovely tribute to say the least, and an unexpected but welcomed gesture bestowed upon patrons after the screening by our hosts, ACMI,  included a few samples of Dior perfumes to enjoy. A nice touch indeed.

The next stop on my VAMFF to do list was the Royal Exhibition Building to attend the premiere David Jones Gala runway in order to get a firsthand account of what to expect this season. I had never attended this runway event previously and unlike the other runway shows this was a little longer in terms of duration. Featuring the largest designer lineup of the festival, the showcase was rich in content, perfectly setting the tone of what we can expect to find in stores this Autumn-Winter for consumption.

Highlighting the talents of both local and international designers such as Thurley, Camilla and Marc, Alexander McQueen, Valentino and Scanlan and Theodore to name but a few, the show itself was a pulsating, visual treat set to the live performance by Paul Mac. Personal highlights and looks to steal for me this season included the gorgeous lace ensembles from Lover , Thurley, Alice McCall, Manning Cartell and Nicholas. I was also partial to the beautiful winter inspired florals from Camilla and Marc and the vibrancy of the Russian Doll inspired garments from Carla Zampatti. And to cap off the evening a new issue of Jones (David Jones in house magazine) was duly handed out to patrons for further inspection that would no doubt assist in sales.

Next on my must see was e-tailer Next UK’s Australian launch runway, featuring the lovely Rebecca Judd and Samantha Harris. Next Australia’s lineup was fun, affordable, on trend but most importantly totally wearable. Featuring mens, womens and kids wear my favourite featured items again would have to be their lace offerings which I found to be easy to wear for everyday and would no doubt be kinder on my purse.

In a similar vein as Next Australia, Myer’s in store runway was also good value. The second floor walk ways of the Bourke Street store were converted into a runway, giving all patrons both seated for the event and those who were actually shopping, a delightful peek into what is currently in store for purchase. Joining Myer ambassadors Jennifer Hawkins and Kris Smith on this merry go round parade was also Tim Robards, he of the Bachelor Australia fame which delighted many of the patrons in the crowd. And to add to the fun we were also gifted with a deluxe sample bag of goodies to road test which is always a bonus.

Concluding the spectacle of all the runway events I, along with my sister who was my partner in crime for the duration of the festival, also spent some time taking a leisurely wander about the VAMFF Plaza enjoying all the food and live entertainment on offer, as well as popping into the Priceline beauty salon where we were both treated to a wonderful makeup and hair styling session by the generous ladies at Priceline. A perfectly lovely way to end this adventure, until next time. ​




Beige Boheme

I have been on the hunt for a neutral nail hue for sometime now, one that would work for me 24/7 and I have to say I think I’ve found it. Whilst visiting the L’Oreal pop up store during the VAMFF I stumbled across this shade by sheer accident. It’s amazing what comes to you when you’re not really looking, and Beige Boheme shone like a beacon as I studied the selection of shades for consideration.

It’s a beautiful pinky-brown hue that I must say is a stand out, and even though it’s neutral it is very obvious on the nail. An added bonus is the fact that I’ve been wearing this lovely shade for over a week now and I have yet to see any signs of chipping. Cheap and cheerful, it’s the perfect accessory that makes for a polished and timeless look…it’s a gem of a colour and is now my go to shade for Autumn!

L'Oreal's Beige Boheme
L’Oreal’s Beige Boheme

All roads lead to Mecca Cosmetica…

Living lab of beauty - image courtesy of Mecca Cosmetica
Living lab of beauty – image courtesy of Mecca Cosmetica

 On my travels this morning I wandered into Mecca Cosmetica and was delighted to discover the launch of their newly revamped signature line. Sleek, modern and minimal is the best way to describe the styling but the new and improved formulas as well as new additions to the line is what piqued my interest.

I’ve been a long fan of their In a Good Light tinted moisturiser (RRP $50AUD) and this new formulation not only absorbs easily into the skin, it is also silky smooth to the touch keeping my skin hydrated to say the least. But most importantly it has all the UVA/UVB SPF 30+ protection I need to ensure that my skin will be protected from the elements at all times … and it doesn’t hurt that the packaging is so appealing, its a win-win situation all round.

Other items that caught my eye include the Body Oil Elixir (RRP $98AUD) which I think will be a God send this winter to combat any dry skin issues as well as the Lip De Luscious (RRP $28AUD) SPF 20+ lip balm. Not to mention the Foaming Cleanser and the lip plump, and the illuminating primer….the list goes on. All I can say is that my skincare is about to be overhauled and it looks like Mecca’s revamped line is the answer.

So if you happen to be in Australia, pop into Mecca or Mecca’s sister store Mecca Maxima to take in this living beauty lab, but for those not on our shores do not despair Mecca is but a few clicks away online at and it’s a trip worth taking to discover some pretty lovely goodies that from my experience are pretty impressive.

Mecca's newly revamped signature line - image courtesy of Mecca Cosmetica
Mecca’s newly revamped signature line – image courtesy of Mecca Cosmetica

It’s all about the eyes

Welcome to the show!

The next stop on my VAMFF adventure was the beauty workshop. It was the perfect way to spend a Saturday morning with coffee in hand as the conversation focused on make-up and the current trends gracing the runway. Affiliated with the highly consumable Shop Til You Drop magazine and L’Oreal, this workshop was a beauty maven’s dream.

Hosted by Shop’s beauty editor Lisa Patulny and the VAMFF’s newly appointed make-up director, Elsa Morgan, this in conversation piece gave the audience a unique backstage perspective on the process of creating the runway looks that were seen throughout the course of the runway series from the ground up.

Joining them on stage were three models and L’Oreal make-up artists that transformed these lovely ladies right before our very eyes as each look was broken down in stages from priming, choosing the right foundation and then building on from that to achieve the desired look. These looks included: mastering the winged eye, playing with bold and eye catching eye shadows as well as showing us how to create a strong brow for maximum impact.

I must say watching these artists in action was inspired. They make it look oh so effortless and while I do love my make-up I have always been fearful of liquid eye-liner. I feel like I can never quite get the hang of it however after hearing that even the experts can get it wrong it gave me a little hope that I too can master the winged eye look just with a bit of practice and perseverance…after all practice makes perfect. And I could do with some practice!

Lisa Patulny welcoming the masses…
Elsa Morgan discussing the finer points of mastering a winged eye…