A night to Gather at Pope Joan …

IMG_2460Seasonal eating is something I have been actively striving to do for many years now. I am constantly on the lookout for inspiration that champions this way of living both as a shopper and gardener, and I must admit that River Cottage had a lot to do with me adopting this attitude.

I was so inspired by its simple philosophy of being in tune with the seasons that I often wished I lived in a River Cottage of my own. So when our local eating haunt, Pope Joan, announced they would be hosting a three course feast to celebrate the launch of Gill Meller’s new cookbook Gather, I could not wait to snap up tickets for dear husband and I to attend. And I’m so glad I did.

I’d watched Gill many times on River Cottage and was always inspired by his simple, yet rustic take on cooking, so it was quite a treat to meet him in the flesh. I must admit I had a bit of a fangirl moment as he autographed my copy of his book. He was so lovely and obliging, thanking me for coming along to the launch, and all I could say was how much I was in awe of the honey cake we just devoured for dessert which seemed to make him smile.

And our hosts at Pope Joan really did his recipes justice. Their interpretation of all the dishes served up throughout the evening was absolutely delicious, as was the perfectly matched wines by Fowles. My favourites, apart from the honey cake, would have to be the beef shin and stuffed squash with fennel and barley. No words can describe their deliciousness other than, yum. Each mouthful was met with a sigh of absolute bliss.

Now, I cannot wait to sit down and have a proper read of Gather so I can cobble together a list of recipes to attempt, especially since winter has officially arrived and the craving for comfort food is strong. And judging by what I’ve seen so far I am confident that Gill’s dishes will undoubtedly keep our bellies both warm and filled as the mercury continues to drop this winter.




I love the Night Life …


Melbourne’s love affair with all things Art Deco doesn’t seem to be waning anytime soon. You only need to walk around town to see the beautiful reminders in our architecture. And while I do enjoying looking up to the sky and marvelling over these architectural wonders in the CBD, last week dear sister and I headed to Elsternwick, but more specifically to the Ripponlea Estate, to experience Melbourne’s Art Deco inspired Night Life.

Drawing on the fashion collection of the National Trust of Australia (Victoria), Night Life is a small but beautifully curated fashion exhibition of the 1920s and 1930s. It cleverly incorporates garments and accessories of the era with the work of contemporary stylists and photographers, who have put a modern spin on a time that truely was dazzling. Night Life brought back lovely memories I have of the Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries exhibition which I attended a few years ago at Ripponlea, and this collection of treasures seemed to be arranged in a similar manner.

Wandering about the home it gave me an opportunity to admire the interior and gardens of this fine estate once more, a task that I never tire of, especially the gardens which are simply tranquil. After our stroll, dear sister and I retreated to the tearooms for a spot of tea and scones which not only promptly warmed us up from the chill outside but capped off a most enjoyable morning catching up with my big sis, and that for me, is always a treat.

Beautiful Bright …

Autumn really is the perfect time to go for a wander and enjoy nature when it is at its most beautiful. And the fact that we are blessed to be within driving distance of so many idyllic locations in regional Victoria, spurred dear husband, Hudson and I to head north to the alpine region so we could revel in the season and experience beautiful Bright and its annual Autumn Harvest festival.

We have visited Bright many times before in the summer, and while it is undoubtedly lovely at that time of the year, this particular trip was going to be a little more special for me as I absolutely adore autumn. The fact that Bright is renowned for showcasing a very vivid autumnal landscape added to my enthusiasm and I simply couldn’t wait to get there to experience it.

Bright is such a joy. It is the epitome of a quaint and charming town, and the Autumn Harvest was a wonderful celebration of not only the season but also of the town and its people. Festival events showcased local talent through music and parades as well as championing its local produce via its farmers markets and local eateries. But what made the festival so heart warming was the community spirit that was so evident and welcoming to visitors such as myself. We felt right at home.

During our stay there was no shortage of activity. Since we had Hudson in tow we spent a lot of time going on leisurely walks, enjoying the crisp fresh air whilst we marveled over the foliage. We also indulged in some hearty dishes, a tipple or two of fine wine and cider at the local brewery, and roasted chestnuts and sticky marshmallows at the Bright Brewery’s bonfire night gathering which was so much fun.

Our adventure also took us on a short drive to Beechworth Honey for a spot of afternoon tea which was a lovely treat and gave me the opportunity to stock up on some much-needed preserves and honey. Visiting a few orchards in the area as well as Gapsted winery, allowed us to also gather a bounty of goodies that ranged from apples and pears to walnuts and wine. Overall, Bright really delivered in terms of the perfect surrounds for a relaxing getaway that was very much-needed by us all. And I look forward to our next outing when we visit beautiful Bright yet  again.

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A wardrobe refresh …

As I am getting older, I’m finding that I am whittling down my wardrobe considerably, investing in pieces that are not only practical but what I consider timeless. It’s liberating to be honest, being able to free myself of clutter and paring back to the basics with my little twist.

So, I always get excited when Autumn-Winter campaigns drop from my favourite chain stores like Country Road, Mimco, Review, because this is usually the season that I tend to buy the most as opposed to Spring-Summer.

I must stress that these days I don’t have the biggest of budgets to play with and consequently I don’t buy that often, but when I do a lot of thought goes into every purchase made. I like to invest in tran-seasonal pieces that will go on high rotation throughout the year, and this seasons offerings, coupled with spend and save offers from said favourite stores, have made it easier for this savvy shopper to part with her pennies and make an investment.

As you can see below, quite a few pieces from my favourite stores have now made their way into my wardrobe … from the luxe and quirky elegance of Mimco’s accessories and shoes, to Country Road’s soft blouses and jeans, which are an absolute staple in my everyday life. I’m extremely happy with my bounty and know that each purchase is highly valued.

I have worn and adorned myself with everything that I have recently acquired so far which makes me very happy. It tells me that I have made the right choices in terms of how these pieces work with my existing wardrobe.

When I look back on my shopping habits of years passed, I had a burgeoning wardrobe of garments that still had their tags on and never worn. Buying, just in case I needed it and often forgetting what I actually owned. But not anymore. Now, my life and attitude is completely different. I buy based on what will enhance my wardrobe, as well as it’s practicality but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Having less to play with has taught me to be more mindful of colour palettes  and styles.

It also encourages me to be creative with my accessories, to create fresh new looks with the same items and I think that is far more enriching. It certainly keeps me on my toes as the seasons roll round but that is half the fun, wouldn’t you agree?

Cheesy like Sunday morning …

Autumn in Melbourne is proving to be a little schizophrenic of late. This past Friday alone was winter like, rainy and bleak to say the least, and yet today the sun had decided to grace us with its warmth. So, with this sudden change, dear husband and I felt it was enough of an incentive to get out and about for a spot of breakfast at Toasta and Co. and enjoy the sun whilst it lasted.

Toasta and Co. has been on my must try wish list for sometime now. Starting off as a food truck and now a bricks and mortar cafe located in a lovely leafy spot on Adderley Street in West Melbourne, the cheese toasties they are known for were well worth the wait. Dear husband and I decided to get our teeth into the Brekky toastie … a three cheese, fried egg, streaky bacon, relish and rocket concoction that hit the spot perfectly and with a cup of delicious Allpress coffee it was a satisfying and very tasty start to the day.

And since we had our little bundle of fur with us, Master Hudson, we capped off our morning outing with a stroll around the surrounding neighbourhood to take in the beautiful colours of the season.

Just in time for Autumn …

It was only last week that we were still basking in the lovely warmth of what seemed like an endless Indian summer and I was honestly beginning to wonder if autumn would ever arrive. But in true Melbourne fashion the weather has turned abruptly, like a slap in the face, and has brought a very wet and very cold start to the season that has had me reaching for the winter woollies … finally.

Autumn is my favourite season for many reasons. It’s the time when I get a chance to spend more time getting creative, and this creativity usually translates to knitting projects. I began knitting a jumper for Hudson way back in February and got a little neglectful about it, but over the last weekend when the mercury really dropped, something clicked and I just found myself in a bit of a knitting frenzy that led to the completion of said jumper … just in time for autumn.

I’d never knitted pet apparel before so this was a new knitting challenge for me and I am so pleased with the end result. Hudson seems to enjoy wearing it, but what makes this piece even more special is the fact that the wool once belonged to my late mother in law who simply adored Hudson. I consider it a lovely reminder of her every time he wears it …. it’s almost like getting a lovely, cozy hug from his grandma, and that without doubt is a wonderful thing.

Cabbages and roses …

IMG_1842After my excursion to the Flower Show I couldn’t help but indulge in purchasing some lovely blooms to play with at home, and here’s what I cobbled together to get into the spirit of autumn; which by the way has descended upon us here in Melbourne quite abruptly.

I am a total sucker for hellebores and roses and throwing some ornamental kale in the mix just seems to work a treat. I love the combination of cream and vivid green hues, and these beauties, when treated right, will adorn the mantle for a good couple of weeks  … a wise selection of blooms that make me smile each time I gaze at them, and proves once again it is the simple things in life that bring the most joy.

Down the garden path …

Melbourne certainly is buzzing and with this Indian summer slowly coming to an end and autumn beginning to make its mark (bye bye daylight savings) my latest outing revolved around the changing of the seasons and what better way to experience the transition than to see it through the eyes of nature. So, yesterday I headed down to the Carlton gardens for the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show to have a peek.

I have been attending the show for many years now, marvelling and being inspired to be a better gardener but this year it was a little different. Last year I completed a floristry course, hence my absence from posting, and this year my perspective of the show was completely different now that I was armed with the knowledge I gained through my course. I noticed elements of design that I would’ve normally been oblivious to, paying attention to the mechanics of how installations were constructed and I guess for the first time I really appreciated the show and all the hard work that is poured into it.

They say that pictures speak volumes so I guess I’ll let these snaps show you what a wonderful event this was and how inspired I am to continue making flowers and gardening apart of my everyday life. It truly is the best kind of relaxation therapy and a wonderful way to slow down and connect with the simpler elements in life, especially when modern living seems to revolve around being switched on 24/7. So with that, let me guide you down the garden path, as we stop to smell the roses at the Melbourne flower show.