Coffee, croissants and Josephine …


There is nothing more heart warming than a freshly brewed cup of hot coffee, even more so on a chilly day. So rather than reaching for a cup at home, I decided to bundle up and go out for one instead. And given that we are in the midst of Bastille Day celebrations, By Josephine seemed to be the perfect spot to channel my inner Francophile and enjoy said coffee …  but with a yummy croissant too.

Situated on Sydney Road Brunswick, By Josephine would have to be one of my favourite spots to eat locally. This quaint French cafe with its bright surrounds, cheery staff and pretty bunting offers a small but delicious menu of both sweet and savoury goodies that really delivers. It was the perfect way to start my day and get into the spirit of the occasion. And to extend my Bastille Day celebrations I couldn’t resist picking up some deliciously sweet patisserie to take home for both dear husband and I to enjoy … perhaps with a fine French tipple as we continue with our Le Tour de France viewing and marvel over the beauty of the French countryside, wishing that we were both there.


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