Van Gogh and the seasons …

The winter masterpieces at the National Gallery of Victoria NGV is an event I look forward to with much anticipation every year. Wondering what grand treasures will be showcased makes the wait worthwhile and this year was no different. So, in its final days I decided to brave the cold, and the incredibly large crowds, and head to the NGV to explore Van Gogh and the Seasons.

The exhibition, I must say, was incredible. I had never seen any of his works in the flesh before so this was definitely a treat for me. There is a depth to Van Gogh’s artistry that goes beyond the bold colouring that you notice on first glance. His work really does evoke a sensory feeling, each brushstroke makes you feel as though you can almost see movement which I guess is what made Van Gogh such a profound artist.

And although the pictures I snapped do not do his work any justice they are however a lovely reminder of the beauty he saw in every season. From the regenerative beauty of blooms in the spring to the dormant and bleak landscapes of winter, his pieces really do reflect the circle of life that still has me pondering.


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