Beautiful Bright …

Autumn really is the perfect time to go for a wander and enjoy nature when it is at its most beautiful. And the fact that we are blessed to be within driving distance of so many idyllic locations in regional Victoria, spurred dear husband, Hudson and I to head north to the alpine region so we could revel in the season and experience beautiful Bright and its annual Autumn Harvest festival.

We have visited Bright many times before in the summer, and while it is undoubtedly lovely at that time of the year, this particular trip was going to be a little more special for me as I absolutely adore autumn. The fact that Bright is renowned for showcasing a very vivid autumnal landscape added to my enthusiasm and I simply couldn’t wait to get there to experience it.

Bright is such a joy. It is the epitome of a quaint and charming town, and the Autumn Harvest was a wonderful celebration of not only the season but also of the town and its people. Festival events showcased local talent through music and parades as well as championing its local produce via its farmers markets and local eateries. But what made the festival so heart warming was the community spirit that was so evident and welcoming to visitors such as myself. We felt right at home.

During our stay there was no shortage of activity. Since we had Hudson in tow we spent a lot of time going on leisurely walks, enjoying the crisp fresh air whilst we marveled over the foliage. We also indulged in some hearty dishes, a tipple or two of fine wine and cider at the local brewery, and roasted chestnuts and sticky marshmallows at the Bright Brewery’s bonfire night gathering which was so much fun.

Our adventure also took us on a short drive to Beechworth Honey for a spot of afternoon tea which was a lovely treat and gave me the opportunity to stock up on some much-needed preserves and honey. Visiting a few orchards in the area as well as Gapsted winery, allowed us to also gather a bounty of goodies that ranged from apples and pears to walnuts and wine. Overall, Bright really delivered in terms of the perfect surrounds for a relaxing getaway that was very much-needed by us all. And I look forward to our next outing when we visit beautiful Bright yet  again.






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