A wardrobe refresh …

As I am getting older, I’m finding that I am whittling down my wardrobe considerably, investing in pieces that are not only practical but what I consider timeless. It’s liberating to be honest, being able to free myself of clutter and paring back to the basics with my little twist.

So, I always get excited when Autumn-Winter campaigns drop from my favourite chain stores like Country Road, Mimco, Review, because this is usually the season that I tend to buy the most as opposed to Spring-Summer.

I must stress that these days I don’t have the biggest of budgets to play with and consequently I don’t buy that often, but when I do a lot of thought goes into every purchase made. I like to invest in tran-seasonal pieces that will go on high rotation throughout the year, and this seasons offerings, coupled with spend and save offers from said favourite stores, have made it easier for this savvy shopper to part with her pennies and make an investment.

As you can see below, quite a few pieces from my favourite stores have now made their way into my wardrobe … from the luxe and quirky elegance of Mimco’s accessories and shoes, to Country Road’s soft blouses and jeans, which are an absolute staple in my everyday life. I’m extremely happy with my bounty and know that each purchase is highly valued.

I have worn and adorned myself with everything that I have recently acquired so far which makes me very happy. It tells me that I have made the right choices in terms of how these pieces work with my existing wardrobe.

When I look back on my shopping habits of years passed, I had a burgeoning wardrobe of garments that still had their tags on and never worn. Buying, just in case I needed it and often forgetting what I actually owned. But not anymore. Now, my life and attitude is completely different. I buy based on what will enhance my wardrobe, as well as it’s practicality but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Having less to play with has taught me to be more mindful of colour palettes  and styles.

It also encourages me to be creative with my accessories, to create fresh new looks with the same items and I think that is far more enriching. It certainly keeps me on my toes as the seasons roll round but that is half the fun, wouldn’t you agree?


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