In a pickle, in a jam

Gewurzhaus would have to be one of my favourite haunts. It’s like an Aladdin’s cave, brimming with all sorts of spice treasures that really do encourage you to explore and expand your tasting palette. And the aroma that permeates the air in this store is nothing short of amazing. You can’t help but feel inspired when you enter this place. 

So today, while I usually would’ve been enjoying a bit of a morning sleep in, I opted for an early morning tram run to Toorak to take in Gewurzhaus’ “In a pickle, in a jam” class at their cooking school. And I am so glad I did. 

Being a preserve novice the class was a perfect introduction into the art of preserving as our group was expertly guided by preserve queen extraordinaire the delightful Caroline Gray from A bit of Jam and Pickle. The class was not only fun and interactive, it was most importantly full of little nuggets of information that demystified the process and will definitely make my at home efforts a little easier when I do start making my own preserves as Autumn nears. 

So with my new found recipes and a lovely selection of preserves in hand to enjoy at home, it was a wonderful and productive way to spend my Saturday morning and has definitely encouraged me to consider taking other classes the school has to offer … their upcoming pretzel and sausage making class looks very enticing! 

Here’s a sample of the goodies we collectively created….I cannot wait to savour and enjoy every mouthful, starting with the Roasted Tomato Relish and the Brinjal Pickle, heavenly!



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