Jean Paul Gaultier Works

Having thoroughly enjoyed the NGV’s exhibition The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier last year (I saw it twice…and even then that wasn’t enough) I returned to ACMI again this past week to view Loïc Prigent’s documentary Jean Paul Gaultier at work.

As a part of the curated culture program for MSFW, the hour long documentary is a retrospective of sorts as Gaultier revisits and recreates twelve of his most iconic works including his infamous cone bras and embellished denim. I never tire of listening to Mr Gaultier as he passionately speaks about his art and how he is constantly inspired and I must say that Prigent presents a lovely and relaxed behind the scenes take on this very prolific artist who is a champion of repurposing garments to only breathe new life into them in his own unique manner.

An added bonus to the screening was also Alison Chernick’s short focusing on the very camera-shy Belgian designer Martin Margiela titled The Artist is Absent (2014). A nice touch combining the two together as Margiela began as a protégé of Jean Paul Gaultier’s and like Gaultier, Margiela is a deconstructionist by nature.

The short highlights how this shy talent has become one of the most admired and successful deconstructionists in contemporary fashion with commentary about him provided by the likes of fashion historian Olivier Saillard, International Vogue editor Suzy Menkes and Christian Dior’s creative director Raf Simons. Praise from the likes of these fashion luminaries is no mean feat. And although I didn’t know that much about Margiela until seeing this, I do appreciate the insight into his talent … a most enjoyable way to spend an hour of my time without doubt.


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