Exquisite threads …

image Winter is certainly here in Melbourne and although there has been a distinct chill in the air this past Sunday was simply lovely. The sun was beaming and that in itself was the perfect inducement to get out and about and enjoy it while it lasted. So with that thought in mind I decided to pop into town for a bit of a wander.

It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to do that so coupled with a spot of lunch and a bit of shopping I decided to also venture in to the NGV to take in the Exquisite Threads exhibition while it was still on and most importantly while I had the time and remembered.

Displaying an impressive array of about sixty mixed media items including fashion garments, samplers as well as home decor, the exhibition is a very interesting representation of embroidery’s role within English life during the 1600-1900’s. It offers the visitor an amazing insight into this very intricate art.

Adding to the experience, the Lace Guild of Australia were also on hand with a demonstration into lace making. True artisans to say the least, it was lovely to hear how each of these ladies were bitten by the lace making bug as they cited their stories and demonstrated their craft. Undoubtedly a laborious craft I, like any other crafter, can understand the passion these women have for their chosen hobby and watching them work away I can also understand how this can become quite a consuming and addictive past time.

It was the perfect way to spend my lazy Sunday, and although I doubt I will be taking up lace making any time soon it did inspire me to get crafty. And that in itself is a good thing.





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