Make do, and mend.

A new year, a new resolution. Most people vow one as they begin a brand new year and I for one have been guilty of making many a resolution in the past and this year is no different.

Pretty in pink …. Pink with metallic gold motifs perfect for my Summer wardrobe.

I’ve always been a curious but sporadic crafter, so with that thought in mind I decided that this year I resolve to spend more of my time crafting by making a conscious effort to make do and mend … whether this involves sewing garments from scratch, breathing new life into existing garments by embellishing and refashioning, making homewares or simply knitting up accessories.

Almost ready for autumn … Knitting up a new merino lap blanket.

For years I have felt like I blindly consume when it comes to clothes and homewares, making purchases on a whim and later regretting those choices. This disappointment has often made me feel as though I was throwing money away with nothing to show for it. This feeling, I hope, is about to change.

This resolution will require me to become a better sewer, a better knitter and I cannot be more excited at the prospect of becoming more thoughtful about the clothes and accessories I am investing my time in making. And I have already gotten off to a very good start. I am already in the midst of knitting a lovely lap blanket that will be perfect for the coming Autumn and I have also already sewn up a couple of skirts to get me through the Summer. The beauty of both is that they have cost me a pinch compared to what I would normally spend if I were to purchase in store.

But the best bit, I find, is the hunt. The time spent hunting to find the right materials and embellishments, all leading up to the actual process of making. It’s very therapeutic to say the least and I feel far more productive and useful with my time. I’ve begun to learn new knitting as well as sewing techniques, thanks to the vast wealth of craft blogs available online that have been so invaluable and I am becoming more confident in my ability to actually make. Knowing that I have made or am wearing something that is not only one of a kind but that was made with my own two hands is gratifying. And that feeling just continues to add fuel to my desire to stick with this resolution and that in itself has to be a good thing.

What’s your New Years resolution?

My little sewing helper, Hudson.
My little sewing helper, Hudson.

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