Undressed at the Bendigo Art Gallery


The Bendigo Art Gallery has for some few months now been playing host to the V&A exhibition Undressed – 350 years of underwear in fashion and being a little busy of late I hadn’t had the opportunity to head there to view this exhibition. So with the knowledge that it was in its final weeks dear husband and I decided to venture out to Bendigo to take in some culture.

Highlighting contemporary and historical wears spanning 350 years the exhibition was quite a revealing delight. From the modest to the barely there the exhibition explores the pivotal role underwear has in fashion. A personal favourite was the 1958 short evening dress (robe du soir courte) by the very talented Cristobal Balenciaga. Beautifully crafted and although sheer it has a playfully ‘modest’ quality that appeals.

I am so glad I made the trek out to lovely Bendigo to indulge in this succinctly curated ensemble of underwear. It definitely gave me a better understanding of this foundation garment which has so many implications. Underwear truly is quite symbolic in that it reflects societies changing attitudes over the years towards not only the aesthetics of fashion but the cultural and social notions of morality, gender, sex and beauty. It definitely gave me a better appreciation of the garment that truly holds one together.





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