Fashion on film …

Mademoiselle Agnès in action …

Adding another dimension to the MSFW line up I popped into ACMI this afternoon to preview the documentary Dressed Up for Winter 2015 (Habillé(e)s pour l’hiver 2014-2015). Although its theme focus’ on the current Paris winter runway shows and we, here in the Southern Hemisphere, are in the midst of the Spring Fashion festival, the documentary was a treat nevertheless … the perfect prelude to highlight what trends I can expect to see next autumn-winter.

From the very unique and often hilarious perspective of fashion maven Mademoiselle Agnès, the documentary highlights all the latest news and trends from the front line of fashion. Stand outs for me would have to be the premiere of Nicholas Ghesquière’s first collection for Louis Vuitton which was a lovely nod to sixties silhouettes, and Lagerfeld’s theatrical shopping experience at the Chanel supermarket … this documentary is a lighthearted marvel to watch as the drama of the runway shows unfold.

One designer that stood out purely from a performance art perspective was Iris Van Herpen. Models were suspended mid-air  and cryovaced, serving as a living centre piece, whilst the remaining models took to the runway around them. It was certainly unusual to say the least and would have really been something to see in the flesh.  In addition, a bonus to this presentation included Loïc Prigent’s short documentary Fendi: Inside the Mothership. With celebrities and fashion alum peppered throughout the short it was an enlightening behind the scenes glimpse into the Italian powerhouse’s Spring 2014 shows. Highly entertaining all round.


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