And off to the farm we go …

imageOne of my favourite spots to visit here in Melbourne is the Collingwood Children’s Farm. Once a month it hosts a farmers market that has now become a must do on my calendar, come rain or shine. The farm is a serene escape, and only being a twenty minute drive from home it truly is a little piece of the country right in the heart of the city.

On today’s little expedition, dear husband and I, with Hudson in tow, began our day by enjoying a lovely and heart warming breakfast at the Farm Cafe. I must say that it makes me feel good to know exactly where my food is coming from and who has nurtured it, and knowing that all of the produce used is either sourced freshly from the farm or from local producers makes the meal just that little more special.

But one thing that always delights me when we do go to the farm is when we have puppy with us. Watching Hudson in action is always a delight. Whether he’s making lots of new furry and human friends, I never tire of seeing him look so intrigued and puzzled by all the farm animals and smells … It’s a funny sight indeed. A perfect way to start the weekend that’s for sure even if the weather hasn’t been so glorious, it’s still a worthwhile excursion nevertheless …

Hudson waiting patiently for breakfast!
Yummy fuel to keep me going…
Hudson sizing up the goat…
Stuart wrangling Hudson as we explore the farm ….
Hudson observing the chickens…
A beautiful peacock is just one of the many lovely residents of the farm.
A gaggle of geese who seem to be in a hurry…









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