It’s elementary …

I love an exhibition. And one that involves fashion is always a plus. So when I happened to come across the Ian Potter Centre’s latest offering, Fashion Detective, I was more than a little intrigued. With over sixty turn of the century garments and accessories whose origins are either unknown or are unattributed, it is this element of the unknown that forms the basis of this curious exhibition.

Fashion Detective encourages the patron to observe and deduce the ‘material evidence’ on display, so we may think a little differently about what we know and what we see. And to help guide us in forming these deductions we are presented with the thoughtful observations of curators as to their historical origins.

To add a little intrigue to the mix, these observations are also accompanied by ingenious interpretations presented by crime fiction writers. Offering plot scenarios and scene descriptions, it’s a nice touch to say the least and only serves to add another dimension to the mystery and wonder of this very delightful exhibition.  A definite must see on the calendar if you are in Melbourne town this winter.

The game is afoot!
The game is afoot!
The usual suspects ...
The usual suspects …
A Victorian mystery …
The lady of the manor …
A child in mourning …

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