Beige Boheme

I have been on the hunt for a neutral nail hue for sometime now, one that would work for me 24/7 and I have to say I think I’ve found it. Whilst visiting the L’Oreal pop up store during the VAMFF I stumbled across this shade by sheer accident. It’s amazing what comes to you when you’re not really looking, and Beige Boheme shone like a beacon as I studied the selection of shades for consideration.

It’s a beautiful pinky-brown hue that I must say is a stand out, and even though it’s neutral it is very obvious on the nail. An added bonus is the fact that I’ve been wearing this lovely shade for over a week now and I have yet to see any signs of chipping. Cheap and cheerful, it’s the perfect accessory that makes for a polished and timeless look…it’s a gem of a colour and is now my go to shade for Autumn!

L'Oreal's Beige Boheme
L’Oreal’s Beige Boheme

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