It’s all about the eyes

Welcome to the show!

The next stop on my VAMFF adventure was the beauty workshop. It was the perfect way to spend a Saturday morning with coffee in hand as the conversation focused on make-up and the current trends gracing the runway. Affiliated with the highly consumable Shop Til You Drop magazine and L’Oreal, this workshop was a beauty maven’s dream.

Hosted by Shop’s beauty editor Lisa Patulny and the VAMFF’s newly appointed make-up director, Elsa Morgan, this in conversation piece gave the audience a unique backstage perspective on the process of creating the runway looks that were seen throughout the course of the runway series from the ground up.

Joining them on stage were three models and L’Oreal make-up artists that transformed these lovely ladies right before our very eyes as each look was broken down in stages from priming, choosing the right foundation and then building on from that to achieve the desired look. These looks included: mastering the winged eye, playing with bold and eye catching eye shadows as well as showing us how to create a strong brow for maximum impact.

I must say watching these artists in action was inspired. They make it look oh so effortless and while I do love my make-up I have always been fearful of liquid eye-liner. I feel like I can never quite get the hang of it however after hearing that even the experts can get it wrong it gave me a little hope that I too can master the winged eye look just with a bit of practice and perseverance…after all practice makes perfect. And I could do with some practice!

Lisa Patulny welcoming the masses…
Elsa Morgan discussing the finer points of mastering a winged eye…












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