Memoirs of a Fictionatrix

The stage was set. A gilded birdcage stood front and centre. The observers wore jeweled eye masks as a prelude to enhance their senses and as the leading lady took to the stage the masks came off. Welcome to the theatrically inspired world of Mimco’s Memoirs of a Fictionatrix.Image

Inspired by the old world glamour of vintage Hollywood, Mimco’s Fictionatrix runway event did not disappoint. Full of vibrant colour and pulsating energy it was the perfect beginning to my week here at the VAMFF.

As an avid fan and owner of many a Mimco accessory this show was a visual treat to say the least. Every prop presented, whether it was the shoes, scarves, hats, handbags or even the luxe jewels, all were so enticing I had to stop myself from saying out loud ‘I want that and that and that and that!’ as each Fictionatrix strutted the stage adorned with the goods. It was wonderful.

But for now all I can do is step back and process this bit of theatre, give thanks for the treat bag bestowed upon us and consider my next purchase. Because I know that my next expedition at Mimco while it won’t break the bank, it is definitely going to be an expensive but rewarding one that I’m sure will enhance the wardrobe of this Fictionatrix!



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