Edward Steichen and Art Deco fashion at the NGV

Art Deco styling...
Art Deco styling…

We are quite spoilt for choice here in merry Melbourne town and Art Deco seems to be the flavour of the month. As an admirer of that era I was more than delighted to head to the National Gallery of Victoria to see the spectacle that is Edward Steichen and Art Deco Fashion.

The exhibition itself is an extraordinary time capsule of not only a very prolific and talented portrait photographer who was a true master of his craft, it’s also a reflection of an era borne after the effects of the Great War that was the epitome of carefree, luxurious decadence.

Steichen has captured the glamour of that era through his portraits, with subjects ranging from socialites, Hollywood luminaries, political figures, to musical and theatrical artists. These images are melded beautifully with a selection of about thirty carefully curated and I must say, incredibly intricate and divine garments from the likes of Lanvin, Vionnet, and Chanel….all of which were undoubtedly influential in representing the mode du jour. This aspect serves only to enrich the experience of the exhibition, consequently making it a delicious slice of Art Deco decadence that should not be missed.


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